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Travel Medicine and Vaccination Center

Based on your personal itinerary and by appointment only, we provide you with a customized portfolio of travel information including specific immunization requirements and recommendations, country descriptions, and country profiles including:

  • Entry requirements and embassy locations.
  • Information about the vaccine-preventable infections relevant to your itinerary
  • Health and safety information about your destination(s)
  • Tips on healthy travel and travel supplies
  • Comprehensive vaccinations including Yellow Fever
  • Current international infectious disease advisories from the Center for Disease Control, World Health Organization and other reputable sources.
  • Routine adult immunizations

Safe travel means healthy travel. Traveling to foreign countries is more involved than simply acquiring a passport and plane ticket. While overseas, you may be exposed to infectious diseases, tropical infestations, exposure to extreme climates, adverse environmental effects, accidents, and injuries. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure it is very important to be prepared with proper pre-travel immunizations and health counseling. In addition to vaccinations and disease outbreak updates, we give extensive counseling on medications, first-aid kits and general health care needed to ensure that you have safe and healthy travel. Corporate accounts are welcome.

We are also dedicated to ensuring that all adult vaccinations are updated and that our patients are made aware of disease outbreaks at home as well as in other countries. We announce new vaccines as they are released and obtain them as soon as possible for early protection.

Chickenpox is not just a disease of childhood. Adults who have never had the disease are at very high risk of complications and death from the disease. There is a now a vaccine to prevent Chickenpox for adults as well as children. Facts about Chickenpox in Adults (.pdf file) .

CDC- General Information

General Information - Vaccinations:
About Vaccine Safety
Immunization Action Coalition
Unprotected People
Discontinued Vaccination Leads to Epidemic among Army

Hepatitis A Vaccination:
Hepatitis A Virus
CDC Site on Hepatitis

Hepatitis B Vaccination:
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Misconception #10 - Hepatitis B vaccine causes chronic health problems

CDC information about influenza and vaccine
American Lung Association, flu shot locator site based on zip code.

Japanese Encephalitis:
Japanese Encephalitis Information for Travelers

Lyme Disease:
CDC Lyme Disease page

Meningitis Alert: 
College Students: Risk of Campus Meningitis: If you are heading off to college you should consider getting the meningococcal vaccination as well as updating other vaccinations. Check out the information on the following web sites:

Meningitis vaccination recommended for college students in dormitories (12/28/99)

Epidemic Meningococcal Disease

Drug-Resistant Streptococcus Pneumoniae (DRSP) Disease - Drug resistance to the bacteria underscores the need for vaccination to prevent the disease.
Streptococcus Pneumoniae - Technical
Ask the Experts: Influenza - Pneumococcal Disease - An Excellent resource

Facts About Rabies
First Human death from Rabies, 2003

Typhoid Fever:
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Yellow Fever:
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